Daily Painting

One makes serious promises to oneself and then struggles to keep them.
This is certainly true of of attempting to perform some action on a daily basis, as I have, several times, when trying to paint each morning. Life interferes.
Well, here I go again.
I have just joined an online art sales organization called Daily Paintworks. I have been watching this site for over a year (there's that procrastination, again), and I have followed several artists who feature their art there. Some of them, exclusively.

UPDATE: I have since deleted my membership in this site, since sales have been non-existent, probably more my fault and due to lack of promotion. Anyone contemplating joining such a site (and there are many of them), should be prepared to spend a lot of time promoting their work on social media and elsewhere.

Tony Cook's portfolio on Daily Paintworks
One's art may be selected to appear on the front page of the site, providing additional exposure. Regardless, each artist has a personal gallery section, which may be customized for the artist's own preferences.
Tony Cook's page on Daily Paintworks
For the time being I am listing only small items, such as sketches, which can be purchased directly from the site using PayPal.