Time flies

It has been just over a year since the last post to my blog. A lot of water under the bridge and a fair amount of watercolour, come to think of it. All of my good intentions about regular postings fell apart, for many reasons, all trivial.

This little sketch, of a bridge on the Canal du Midi, in the south of France, sold this weekend during our annual Studio Tour. Annie and I transited the canal several years ago in a sailboat (with the mast on the deck, of course) and have fond memories of the trip. This was the first bridge we came to and it made us realize that adjustments were needed to the mast support, as the mast tip cleared this opening by just a couple of inches, and we knew from the guide that the next one would be even tighter. These bridges were designed for barge traffic - no-one ever considered that large sailboats would attempt the transit.

From this point, I do intend to post here frequently and seriously attend to other social media feeds, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Watch this space.