Make time for painting

After spending years helping others develop their websites, one would think it a breeze for me to build one for my art work. I suppose, if time had stood still and there had been no developments in web design for the past fifteen years, then, yes. Instead, time seems to have accelerated. Certainly, the technical side of the web has changed to much that I have been left behind. Not wishing to spend my days struggling to catch up, preferring instead to use my time creatively painting, I tossed in the towel and accepted an offer from a local startup to host my site on their servers, using their artists' software.

MyStudioAssistant provides a template-based website system which is designed specifically for artists, whether fine art, photography or what-have-you. All of the features that I have spent days and weeks developing on my previous site, are here: Portfolios with semi-automatic slideshows, full inventory recording, Event listings, Bio, PR, Blog, etc.

The learning curve is slight, feedback is instant (you see the site in real time as it is being designed) and various sections of the template are easily modified to meet one's particular needs. The only thing lacking is email support, that is, you must have your own email address, but that is a minor quibble.

I can recommend this service to any artists considering upgrading their site. (Note, I do not receive any remuneration from this company - I am simply happy to promote their services).