Condos, condos everywhere

It sure doesn't take much to stir a fever for Spring, especially considering the horrible winter we have just experienced in Ontario. As the piles of dirty snow start to recede, we find we still have two lanes for traffic on our narrow streets, see something approaching the colour green in front lawns, and realize that Spring Art Shows are here.

With Toronto being second only to New York City in the number of tall buildings being constructed (91), a few opportune daubs on a recent painting led me to create a series entitled: Condo City. And that's the title for a pop-up show at the Second Cup Coffee Shop, 3233 Yonge Street in Toronto.

The background is a section of a 24 x 36 inch acrylic on canvas

Curated by Susan Brown, of Artify, this little show features 6 or 7 pieces in the Condo City theme, and a number of other paintings, large and small, that bear on the topic.
The show runs through April 10, 2015.  Two neighbourhood newspapers popped in to take some shots, and here is what the Town Crier came up with, in a spread on local art:

Himself with "Cascade", an acrylic on canvas

That's my approximation of a satisfied grin. And this particular painting has really nothing to do with the theme, but was handy to pull off the wall.

Stay tuned for how Snapd, the other paper, covered the show.

Here's a teaser for our Studio Tour, coming up on the weekend of May 2-3, 2015. I will be updating this blog about that show and also sending out invitations. If you are not on my mailing list, just add your address to the "follow me" drop down and you will receive blog postings automatically by email.