But, is it art?

I wrote that I was taken aback (if not short) when I learned that a number of my creations were purchased with the new owners having their washrooms as the eventual destinations. I managed to get over that with the thought, from my sailing days: "any port in a storm".

I wasn't quite so delighted though, when one of my Facebook connections, commenting on a painting that I had posted to my Timeline, wrote: "Roadkill?" Now that hurt, although I know the individual well and understood her humorous nature.

Time then, for me to extract a little of the Mickey with this image:

And then ask - is it art?

I posted this to my Facebook page where my kind friends were at pains to see worth in the image. (They saw a lot of other things, too, a Hippo and a Whale among other things). Suggestions were flying around that I ought to print cards and sell them to the local zoo or aquarium. How very thoughtful and constructive.

This went some way to answering my question: Is it art?

Now, I was up front on Facebook, whereas I am being a little devious here. The "Painting" is actually a photograph of my throwaway palette (high tech - a meat tray) after a 5-minute session painting a small floral.

Is there a category for "Accidental Art", or "Byproduct Art"? Perhaps there ought to be. What do you think?
Anyway, I've kept the palette and it's attached to my studio wall.

Incidentally, a fellow painter friend, Wilf McOstrich has made a collection of images of painters' palettes.   He wrote about it here: on his blog

And the floral? Here it is.

Now that's art, right?


  1. my comment in your timeline :
    maybe for their own life in relation with your acts.
    I love it much more than your floral.


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