Loo...ooking good

At our recent Studio Tour and Sale, I was called over by my wife to meet a prospective buyer of one of my paintings, shown below. Annie asked: "where do you think it is going to be hung?"

Well, I could tell by their expressions, not to mention the fit of giggles on the part of the buyer's partner, exactly where it was going - in the loo, toilet or powder room for non-Brits. Foolishly, I asked the buyer what she saw in the painting, since it was a non-objective piece, and her answer "well, it has a lot of movement" sent her partner into a paroxysm of giggles.

Odd really, but I can count several pieces that have ended up in the loo, or rather, on the wall of said facility. In fact, at our first tour, about three years ago, a floral painting which I had set on an easel on the front stoop, was bought almost immediately by a visitor. It was when they returned to our next annual show, that I learned they had hung it over the toilet so they could be sure to admire it every day.

At the time, I wasn't sure if I was impressed or not, but when my best friend bought a little sketch of some poppies and promptly put it on the powder room wall, I decided I might be on to something.

Powder rooms, especially in new condos and apartments, tend to be rather constricted (sorry) in space and lend themselves to tall, narrow paintings. (I almost wrote 'works', but this is getting silly). So, for all of you stalled (there we go again) painters, seeking regular sales, go tall, go narrow and join the line-up.

Oh dear.


  1. I think you are onto something Tony. You should start a new "movement".


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