Being carded

To tell the truth, it's been quite a long time since anyone "carded" me, I would be rather pleased if that actually happened these days!

No, the carding I refer to is my habit of painting small works each morning as warm-up exercises. Instead of heading directly into a large piece, I like to play around with abstract creations or, more often, impressionistic florals drawn out of my imagination. (I am not a botanical painter and, if pressed, might be able to name 6 or 8 flowers). These miniatures might be done on off-cuts of watercolour paper or the backs of "failed" paintings. If the results are interesting, they find their way onto greeting card sets - the original painting is glued to the front of the card stock, then placed in a glassine bag along with an envelope.

Recently, I have also used a half sheet (15 x 22 inches) of watercolour paper, that is divided into 9 sections. I push myself to complete the 9 at one sitting. This provides 9 chances to come up with some interesting images. When cut up, these small pages fit nicely into an 8 x 10 inch mat (with 5 x 7 inch opening), making them ideal for small purchases at one or another of my shows.

(Credit where credit is due - I got this latter idea from fellow painter Wilf McOstrich).

I will shortly have a selection of cards and miniatures illustrated on my web site.

The cards sell for $5 each and the 8x10s for $40 and may be picked up at my shows, or ordered from me directly. Call me at 416-489-1685 or use the Contact link on my website. Each of these is signed.

Note - these are not available from the FineArtAmerica section of my site.