World Watercolour Day - November 23

Who knew? I didn't even know that such an event even existed, but a little research (read Googling), brought me to information about the late Master Alfredo Guati Rojo (1918-2003), a dedicated Mexican watercolourist. Apparently, he suggested the concept back in 1994. It has been celebrated since, rather fitfully, in various countries..

There were some events in Toronto last year, including a month-long CSPWC exhibition in library branches during November.

My friend Ona Kingdon was aware of it, and she has placed a post  on her blog which includes a step-by-step, and very challenging, watercolour painting. She also created this image for the 2011 event:
Back to the Master - apart from promoting the World Day concept, he was instrumental in establishing what may be the only museum completely devoted to watercolour: the Alfredo Guati Rojo National Watercolor Museum in a suburb of Mexico City. Noted for my next trip to that country.